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Volunteers are an integral part of the Trout Forest Music Festival.  You can apply to be a volunteer either by completing our online Volunteer Application Form or by downloading a printable .pdf version of the Volunteer Application Form and returning it to the Trout Festival (the address is on the form).


Our Creative Arts Selection features a variety of handmade merchandise from different artists.  Be sure to stop and check out the selection, there’s something for everyone.

Sample the world of creative arts at the Trout Forest Music Festival.  Our artisan booths are located parallel to the main stage, in front of the beach area.

The Trout Forest Music Festival is seeking out Artisans with handmade merchandise.  If you are interested in selling your merchandise in a booth on the festival site, please apply by filling out our online Artisan/Consession Form.  You also have the option to download a printable .pdf version of the form Concession/Artisan Form.  Our Artisan booths are located near the water’s edge just a short distance from the main stage.  All booths are 10 feet by 12 feet.


The festival provides space for outside vendors to join us and service the appetites of our many friends and family.  Whether you have a selfcontained unit or need space under our sheltered awning, the staff of the Trout can help assist you in making your involvement a positive one.

Please ensure at least three staff members per booth space at all times  more is preferable.  The Trout will not be responsible for set up of equipment and/or individual booths so come prepared.  The awning and booth skeleton will be prepared in advance for those who need a spot.

The Trout Staff reserve the right to approve applicants. You must apply every year! Selections will be made shortly after the deadline and you will be contacted in order for arrangements to be made. Selections will be made shortly after the deadline and you will be contacted in order for arrangements to be made.

The festival applies for a permit for the entire concession area from the Northwestern Ontario Health Unit.

The Trout Forest Music Festival is seeking out concessions and food vendors with self-contained units or who need space in one of our sheltered booths.  Submit your application and contact the Trout office to make proper arrangements.

Please apply by filling out our online Artisan/Consession Application Form.  You also have the option to download a printable .pdf version of the Artisan/Concession Application Form.   The sheltered food booths are located next to the washroom and shower facilities on site, right next to the main stage and beach areas.


The Trout Forest Music Festival is mandated to be 100% Canadian content, culturally and geographically diverse, and so welcomes applications from all across Canada.

Applications are accepted year round, however the lineup for the next festival is selected in January of the same festival year (i.e., the 2015 festival artists would normally be decided on or before January of 2015).

In the interest of sustainability, we prefer electronic submissions as an initial form of contact.

Go to our online Submission Form

While we very much appreciate your interest in our festival, due to the very large number of submissions, only those who are being considered for a slot at the festival will be contacted.   If email communication with the artistic director is established, DO NOT ATTACH ANY FILES of any kind to emails.  They will be diverted directly to the trash.  Include links to online material only.

Thank you,

The Trout Forest Music Festival Music Committee


The festival has annual regional showcases for developing performers in Ear Falls, Dryden, Kenora and Winnipeg.  email for more info and to register in advance.


Submissions are now open for The Trout Forest Music Festival regional songwriting/performance showcase. Developing songwriter/performers from Manitoba and NW Ontario (Winnipeg, Kenora, Dryden, Red Lake, Thunder Bay and all points north, in-between and immediately surrounding) are invited to submit one song by youtube or vimeo link for a chance to receive an invitation to perform at the festival, two VIP all access passes (camping and food for the weekend), and a small remuneration (gas money). One song submission per person and there is no submission fee.

Deadline for submissions is May 1. Judging will take place by the music committee of the festival, with showcase selections notified in June.

Email your name and address, an 80-100 word bio, the lyrics to the song and all songwriting credits, and a link to the video of your performance of your song to

[DO NOT ATTACH ANY FILES OF ANY KIND TO YOUR EMAIL - include text and links to streaming video sites only.]

Incomplete submissions and submissions with attachments will not be considered.


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