What happens when 2 Star-Wars obsessed, long-haired, multi-instrumentalist, oldest-of-many-brothers guys named Daniel team up together in front of a bunch of kids? Why a perfect fit of course! The Lion's Den is a band of two guys named Daniel who never really grew up.

With years of family entertaining experience Daniel Jordan (long time nephew of and band leader for Winnipeg's Sultan of Spaghetti Rocki Rolletti) and Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner (Riding Mountain National Park Troubadours) combine education and entertainment into raucous and fun-filled family EDU-TAINMENT! The MANE event on Family stages all over, you can expect goofiness, a Dan's floor (get it?) and interactive songs about the beauty of nature, sing-alongs about your Grandfather's Clock and annoyingly catchy ditties extolling the virtues of cute fuzzy Ewoks as projectile weaponry. The Lion's Den doesn't bite... at least not the audience.

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