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"I thought it was a great band name, so we started a band!" -Jo Miller The members of Knob & Tube are all well known in the music scene, playing collectively in over a dozen local acts. Traditionally side players, Dunn and Miller trade off leading this outfit, with a mix of heartfelt originals, and covers that are personal favorites. Chris Dunn, guitar and vocals, has that high, lonesome tenor voice that evokes images of coyotes and campfires. He writes songs that tell a story, and plays guitar like he not only knows the words, but invented the alphabet. Joanna Miller, drums and vocals, sings with a sweet ernestness, like she couldn't tell a lie if she tried. Songs of life, love, and the highway float over rhythms so relaxed they're almost dozing on your parents couch. Gilles Fournier, bass and good vibes, has that certain, what the french call, i-don't-know-what. A master on upright and electric bass, he adds an indispensable blend of musicality, humor, and groove.