Debra Lyn Neufeld

Date Posted: January 21, 2016

Debra Lyn Neufeld

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Twenty years ago, Debra Lyn Neufeld, picked up a guitar, learned three chords and got herslef a gig. Today, with two albums and a DVD of original material to her credit, she’s considered Winnipeg’s “Reigning Queen of the Blues”

Her latest release, “Bootleg” captures the depth and range of her uncommon talent.

Her music has been discribed as “guitar-drenched, Chicago-style ripsnorters” all the way through to “sizzling, smoking sexy blues rockers” Her lyrics, “sad, sweet, down and dirty. Honest to a fault, tough and tender”

Debra Lyn’s love for music, people and performing creates an unforgettable experiance and leaves the listener with a lingering desire to hear what’s next.

Debra Lyn plays her steel body guitar, sings her original songs and most favorite Blues covers. Gord Kidder, “Shadow Man” plays harmonica.

“Thier set lists reads like your favorite album”

Gord Kidder, “Shadow Man” His constant desire is Tone and finding the “voice” in each song. “For me, it was about the Blues before it was about the harmonica.”

Throughout his lifelong commitment to the Blues, he has toured with our Great Masters, like B.B King. Shared the stage with Muddy Waters, James Cotton, “Gatemouth ” Brown, Johnny Shines, and for a long extened time, playing right beside, teh “I don’t know” man, Willie Maybon.

His legecy continues as one of our Canadian Blues Greats, Gord Kidder, original founding member of “Houndog” with Brent Parkin, colaborator with Big Dave McLean, Kristie Johnston and many more.

Gord Kidder currently tours with Debra Lyn Neufeld.

Together, they got everybody talking,”Have you heard?” Debra Lyn and Gord Kidder, spreading the word, “Blues, Music That Matters”


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